Custom Build

Our simplified approach makes building your new home an enjoyable and seamless process.

To begin the process we will meet with you to gain an understanding of your current and future family size, lifestyle and housing needs, and most importantly YOUR BUDGET.

We have designed many homes for our clients over the years, and as a true design and build company, we are uniquely qualified to build your dream home. We will ensure that your vision becomes a reality and that your home is built with the style and finishes that you want.

If you can dream it… we can build it!

Step 1: Financing

Get Pre-Qualified.
  • Your very first step — even before you start looking into building a house — should be to get pre-qualified for a loan. A lender will review your basic financial information, such as your income and your debts, and run a credit check.
  • Getting pre-qualified will help you determine what kind of mortgage fits your budget.


Step 2: Home Site

Choose a site for your new home.
  • You may choose a home site from existing communities that we actively build in.
  • You may choose a home site in communities that we are not currently active in…pending approval from the community developer, HOA, etc,.
  • We can also build on private land. Preliminary work may be required to measure and document existing conditions at the property, research building code and zoning laws, and research of the covenants & restrictions. 


Step 3: Building Agreement

Sign the necessary contracts and agreements.
  • Sign an agreement to build a custom home.
  • Sign an agreement for design & drafting services if applicable.
  • Make your down payment if applicable. (earnest money)


Step 4: Floor Plan

Choose a floor plan.
  • You may select and customize one of our existing floor plans.
  • We can also custom design your dream home from scratch.


Step 5: Drafting and Selections

Customize your floor plan and choose your finishes.
  • At this stage we will work with you to customize your floor plan and help you choose your Interior/Exterior finishes and selections.


Step 6: Final Approvals

Approve completed set of plans and selections
  • Approve Final construction drawings and plans
  • Approve Interior/Exterior selections


Step 7: Construction Begins

Let’s get going!
  • Our team will request all required building permits.
  • The lot is cleared of sod and any trees.
  • Construction begins.