Does Dreamworks Construction have open houses to view?

Yes, we usually have an open house at one or more properties on Sundays from 2-4PM.

Do I need to get pre-qualified prior to signing the construction agreement?

Yes. This is a requirement.

Will someone keep me up to date on the construction progress of my home?

Absolutely! The Builder or a Representative will be in contact with you through emails, text messages, pictures and phone calls during the entire process. You will have access to our app which allows you to manage all your selections and communicate with us during the construction of your home.

Is a deposit required to start building my Dreamworks Construction Home?

Yes. Deposits and down payments are determined on a case by case basis.

What is the first step to start the home building process with Dreamworks Construction?

First things first: Get pre-approved! Fill out a loan application, or contact a Mortgage Loan Officer to get started.

Then contact a Builder Sales Representative! They will take you step by step through the home buying process.

Does Dreamworks Construction remodel homes.

Unfortunately, Dreamworks Construction does not remodel homes.

Can Dreamworks Construction design a custom floor plan.

Yes. We can custom design a floor plan or choose one of our great existing plans.

Can Dreamworks Construction build a home on my private lot/land?

Yes. Whether building on your property or ours, a plat of the property including topographical information is very important to the planning and design.

How much are closing costs?

Closing costs will vary, contact your loan officer in order to determine the exact amount.

Does Dreamworks Construction pay closing costs?

We do not pay closing costs. However, some buyers request that we add their closing costs and prepaid items (insurance and taxes) to our sales price.

Can a buyer use their own mortgage company?

Yes, a buyer can use their own mortgage company. Let us know if you need assistance contacting a loan officer.

Do I need to obtain a construction loan?

No. We provide a turn-key home. Your only requirement is to obtain mortgage financing.

Can lots be purchased individually and then built on at a later date?

We sell finished homes and do not sell lots. You are able to reserve a lot.

How are upgrades paid for?

Upgrades selected at the time of the contract agreement can be added to the sales price. Upgrades requested after the contract agreement is signed need to be paid at the time the change is ordered.

Can the buyer provide labor and/or materials in order to reduce the cost of the home?

We do not allow the buyer to provide any labor and/or materials during the construction process.

What type of warranty does Dreamworks Construction provide?

The warranty is provided by Dreamworks Construction covers one year for defects of workmanship and material. For more information, please visit: